Modelling Waxs

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Grimas derma wax is a transparent wax that can easily be moulded and adheres to the skin well.It is used for make-up effects such as creating various wounds and deformalties on the skin.It's flexible composition means that derma wax also adheres well to soft and mobile parts of the skin,staying elastic.Derma wax comes in 60ml pots.

Grimas nose wax is a mallable material that can be used for creating all sorts of deformations of the nose or chin during is not suitable for sticking to mobile parts of the skin,use derma wax for this.Nose wax comes in 60ml pots.

Grimas eyebrow plastic is a transparent wax that is used for covering up eyebrows.The texture adheres to the skin well and remains elastic.eyebrow plastic comes in 25ml pot.