Mastix And Removers

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Grimas mastix extra is a strong skin adhesive that is used for attaching items such as wool crepe,moustaches,beards,goatees,tulle wigs,Grimas llatex noses and sets and bald caps.mastix extra is available in 10ml bottles.

Mastix extra can be removed with Grimas mastix remover.

Grimas water soluble is a skin adhesive that is used for gluing stars and wool crepe items such as beards,moustaches and eyebrows.Water soluble mastix is available in 10ml bottles each of which comes with a brush applicator.

Water soluble mastix can lose adhesion due to perspiration.If you want stronger adhesion,use Grimas mastix extra.

Grimas mastix remover is used for removing mastix extra and for cleaning latex noses and latex appliances.Mastix remover is available in 100ml bottles.